Send an Image

Method sends a image message to a single recipient





Field Type Mandatory Format Meaning
phone_number String Yes (country code)(phone number) e.g. 254722200200 Phone number to send to
image String/File Yes Either the URL of the image (must be publicly accessible) or the image uploaded The image to be sent
Caption String No The caption for the image A brief text to accompany the image
content_type String Yes image/file_extension_here eg image/jpg or /image/png etc. The content type of the image file you want to send


The server responds with a JSON message:

Field Type Meaning
sent Boolean True or False if the image
id Integer An Identifier for the message. This is used when delivering receipts

At this stage, the message has been sent to the WhatsApp server for delivery


If there is an error or the phone number does not exist, the server returns an error message and response code of 422.

{"error":"Contact with phone number 25470586564 does not exists"}

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