Distribution Lists

Distribution lists are a great way for you to send individual messages to a selected group of contacts. They are different from Groups because they allow you to communicate one on one with the consumer. Hence more personal and private.

Creating a List

1.Click on Contacts > New List

2.To create the list , you will need to fill in the fields below;

  • Name - Give your list an appropriate name e.g Red Shoes

  • Description - A brief description of the list and the contacts within it e.g Clients who want Red shoes

  • Keyword - Word that will be use to automatically subscribe contacts onto the list e.g RED

  • Stop Word - A word that will be used to unsubscribe contacts from the list. *e.g STOP

  • Subscribe auto responder - An automatic response that will be sent to clients once they subscribe

  • Unsubscribe auto responder - An automatic response that will be sent to client once they terminate their subscription

After filling in the list's details, you can either check or uncheck the box labeled "Automatically subscribe users". If checked, contacts added to the list will be automatically subscribed when they send in the set keyword.

3.Click on Save to begin using the created list

Accessing Lists

To access any previous lists, simply click on Contacts then select the Lists option.

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