Uploading Contacts

If you have added a WhatsApp account on Ongair, you can choose to upload your contacts in bulk.

However : Please note that even though you upload the contacts, you will not be able to message them until they message you first. ( After this first instance, conversations can be initiated by either party.)

1. Click on ' Contacts ' then select ' Upload Contacts'.

This should display a page titled ' Bulk Contact Upload '

Here you can upload the file with your contacts by clicking ' Browse '. The following formats are acceptable: xls, xlsx, csv & vcard. If you are not sure what type of file you have, you can confirm with the samples provided on your right.

Also ensure that your the content of your files, matches the requirements provided before you upload it. Once you have checked all necessary requirements, you can upload your contacts by clicking on ' Submit .'

You can now access your uploaded contacts by clicking ' All Contacts ' . Here you can choose to add contacts to a list or group.

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