Facebook Messenger

NOTE: Ensure you already have a Facebook page before starting the integration process.

STEP 1 :Sign Up

Sign up on Ongair with an email address and password of your choice.

STEP 2: Select a Channel

Select Facebook Messenger from the channel list presented to you.

STEP 3: Login to your Facebook Account

For us to connect your page, you will need to login to your Facebook account.

>Note:you have to be an admin to connect a Facebook page

If you are logged in to your page, Facebook will ask you to switch to your personal account. Choose to switch.**

STEP 4: Grant Access

Once you have successfully logged in, grant access to the Ongair App by clicking Okay.

STEP 5 : Select the page to connect

If you have more than one page, select the desired page from the drop down list that appears. {<11>}


Now you can begin to send messages to your customers via your Ongair account. All Messages sent to your page will be visible on your dashboard. Just click on the inbox tab and get going.

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